The pdf book “Why Bitcoin” is a collection of twenty-seven short yet insightful essays about Bitcoin. The original essays were published on in spring 2021.

For this pdf e-book, each essay has been re-edited, re-ordered, often re-titled, and in some cases re-written. Each one is presented in full color with accompanying photography. The flow is now logically sequenced so that both a newcomer and an expert in Bitcoin can follow along the journey.

And this pdf e-book is a journey. It begins by answering why Bitcoin even exists. It prepares readers by explaining how different Bitcoin is from anything else that existed before, and then it proceeds to take them into the world that Bitcoin is creating – one of economic stability, abundant and clean energy, multi-generational wealth creation, and self-actualization through freedom, love, and peace.

Each essay is presented in full-color spreads and can be enjoyed and shared for many years to come. It makes for a great digital collector’s item or gift.


Hardcover, Softcover, PDF, Audio